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Police investigate large brawl involving up to 150 youths at Tarneit McDonalds

Police are investigating a brawl involving as many as 150 people in Melbourne’s west overnight.

Police, including the dog squad, responded to reports of a large altercation between two groups in Pistachia Drive, Tarneit around 9.40pm on Sunday.

Leigh, mother of a 15-year-old boy who works at McDonalds Tarneit spoke with Justin and Kate, she says it was mayhem.

‘It was just disgusting, food left everywhere, staff were cleaning up broken glass.’

She says, ‘It was very intimidating walking through this group of people to pick my son up.’

Leigh was there when police arrived to disperse the group of youths.

‘I’ll be contacting the store today to see if he can be transferred to another store,’ Leigh told 3AW Breakfast.

There haven’t been any reports of injuries or damage.

It comes just days after about 40 youths ran riot at the nearby Tarneit McDonalds.

No arrests have been made.

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