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Thornbury gun heist: 65 firearms stolen in daring daylight robbery



Police have said this morning it’s believed as many as 65 handguns were stolen in yesterday’s robbery.

Four men are still on the run after the daring daylight robbery on the O’Reilly’s Firearms store in Thornbury yesterday morning.

The guns retail for between $700 and $1900 but can potentially be sold for almost $10,000 on the black market.


Police have told Tom Elliott “well above” 10 guns have been stolen in an armed robbery at Thornbury this morning.

Four armed men with covered faces entered O’Reilly’s Firearms on High Street after 11am.

They took handguns and fled in a stolen vehicle that was found dumped a short time later on Clapham Street, also in Thornbury.

The male staff member was not injured during the incident.

No arrests have been made at this stage and police are calling for witnesses to come forward.

Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana told Tom Elliott it’s a “very uncommon” theft, and raises concerns about what next happens with the guns.

“This is clearly, from our point of view, a targeted offence and there’s a reason these guns were stolen,” he said.

“Some will be for profit, but generally they will be recycled back for use in crime, and that’s the concern we have with any weapon that’s stolen.”

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