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Police Minister: ‘This is not just an African youth problem’

Tony Jones

Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville has told Tony Jones youth crime in Victoria is overwhelmingly committed by Australian citizens, not African gangs.

“We’ve got to be clear, this is not just an African youth problem,” she said.

“They seem to be the main offenders at the moment,” Tony replied

“That’s not what shows up in the crime stats.

“Overwhelmingly it’s Australian citizens who are offending, some of those are African-born.

“We have funded the gangs squad which has been very effective in disrupting these groups.”

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Ms Neville also hit back at the Coalition’s plan to hand heavy jail terms to dealers selling ice and other drugs to addicts who then go on to kill, as reported in the Herald Sun today.

“The opposition even qualify that by saying that it would be a law that’s very hard to prove,” she said.

“I don’t think this is a plan that’s going to get us there.

“We need things that work.”

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy immediately reacted to the Minister’s comments on Twitter.


Tony Jones