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Police Minister to consider road blocks if holidaying Victorians don’t adapt

Victorians are being told to stay in their home and avoid any non-essential travel.

Police Minister Lisa Neville says roadblocks could be set up if people flout the guidelines and attempt to go about their school holidays as normal.

Ms Neville told Neil Mitchell camping and caravaning are not an option these school holidays.

“People should not be travelling to communities. We’re very conscious around camping and caravan grounds, for example,” she said on 3AW.

“They could be highly contagious areas.

“Our advice to people is (that) non-essential travel includes: Do not travel for school holidays. Stay home, do it differently.”

If Victorians don’t adapt, Ms Neville said roadblocks would be considered.

“That is always an option. We hope we don’t get to that.

“We are constantly looking at what powers police have.

“If in the end we need to take tough measures in order to ultimately save lives and protect people, we will use those.”

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