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Police Minister Wade Noonan takes leave of absence


Police Minister Wade Noonan has taken a three-month leave of absence.

Mr Noonan announced on Monday he would be stepping aside to deal with personal issues arising from the role.

He has also stood down from his role as the Member for Williamstown for the time being.

‘It has been difficult to cope with the constant exposure to details of unspeakable crimes and traumatic events that are an everyday part of my role and the accumulation of these experiences has taken an unexpected toll,’ Mr Noonan said in a statement.

‘I need time to receive further support and assistance including professional counselling.

‘This has been a difficult decision but I believe it is the right one.

‘I want to thank my wife and family for their love and encouragement.

‘I’m also grateful to Premier Daniel Andrews for his steadfast support and advice.

‘I look forward to resuming my duties in the Cabinet and as the Member for Williamstown in due course.’