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Police officer saves alleged offender’s life … then it emerged he had COVID-19

A police officer who helped save the life of an alleged offender who had an artery punctured by a police dog has been forced to self-isolate after it emerged the alleged offender had COVID-19.

The “angry” mother of the officer told Neil Mitchell her daughter had stopped the young man from “bleeding out” after he was being arrested in relation to an alleged home invasion.

The 18-year-old is facing a number of serious charges.

But now a handful of officers have to quarantine, because he has the coronavirus.

Mary Asker told Neil Mitchell she was worried about her daughter, who has been forced to spend the next fortnight in a hotel.

“She was just doing her job,” she said.

“It’s not fair that these people think they can go out and do whatever they like and infect other people.

“They don’t think of the consequences and the ripple effect.”

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