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Police pay dispute heats up; Association to vote on more action today


The pay battle between the police and the Andrews Government is set to escalate, with a mass meeting of the rank-and-file officers rejecting a four-year pay deal offering 2.5 per cent a year.

A vote to reject the offer was passed unanimously at a packed meeting at Festival Hall.

Police have also voted to impose a series of work bans if a new deal isn’t struck before November 30.

Among the key measure are:

  • refusing to issue some fines;
  • not issuing advice to government departments;
  • a ban on paid overtime

Talks have been ongoing since May.


1. Members are not to provide information or advice other than in an operational context to other government departments or agencies, including meeting with those departments and agencies.

2. Members ban the preparation and provision of statistical information to Victoria Police, Management or Government, including the non-completion of time attribution, log books, monthly inspections and running sheets.

3. Members not attend Supreme or County Courts as informants or witnesses other than in reply to a subpoena.

4. Members not to serve subpoenas nor transport witnesses for the Office of Public Prosecutions.

5. Members who are not actively engaged in response duties are to attend at locations where fixed speed or red light cameras or mobile speed camera cars are in place and activate flashing lights on their vehicles for periods of up to 15 minutes at a time.

6. A ban on the use of ‘Harpers’ (ie: Victoria Police management tool to monitor the progress of paperwork)

7. A ban on all forms of penalty notices including those generated by the traffic camera office.

8. A ban on unpaid overtime.

9. A ban on the execution of money warrants unless other operational considerations are present.

10. No name checks by PSOs for Authorised Officers on the rail system.

11. Non-issue of ‘reason for contact’ receipts.

12. Prosecutors will not negotiate on charges or participate in summary case conferences and will not oppose the ordering of costs in any matters.

13. Members who are not actively engaged in response between 0800 and 0900 to attend at school zones and activate flashing lights on the vehicle for up to 15 minutes at a time and assist children to cross the road.

14. Strict Adherence to the Chief Commissioners Operational Safety Instructions with respect to member’s not performing patrol or response duties one up.

15. Ban on wearing of name tags. Members to instead wear TPAV campaign badges.

16. Ban on adherence to selected grooming / uniform standards

17. No police equipment to be carried in private vehicles