Police respond to a shooting at YouTube headquarters


Police are responding to reports of a shooting at YouTube’s headquarters in California.

Google, which owns YouTube, has said it is investigating a “gunfire incident” which left staff barricaded inside rooms with their co-workers.

Neil Mitchell spoke to an employee at YouTube, Zach Vorhies, shortly after the incident.

Mr Vorhies said he’s still in favour of guns.

“London has more murders than New York, and they’ve banned guns. I don’t think that guns are necessarily the problem,” he said.

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Armed response teams were sent into the building in San Bruno.

The shooting appears to have happened at a cafe on the grounds.

The shooter then turned the gun on herself.

3AW Breakfast’s USA reporter Bob Tarlau told Ross and John a nearby hospital has received patients from the shooting.

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Bob said law enforcement has confirmed the single shooter is a white female, wearing a dark top and headscarf.

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Photo: Twitter / @erinjeanc