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Police ‘surprised’ by riots in Melbourne, Daniel Andrews says there’s no excuse for violence

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LATEST: Premier Daniel Andrews has lashed out at the ‘violent and lawless’ behaviour which descended on Melbourne’s CBD on Saturday night.

He said he wouldn’t accept the ‘poor me’ excuse from those responsible and said they’ll be brought to justice.

Mr Andrews said regardless of their background, the gang members know right from wrong and there was no excuse for their behaviour.


Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp admits police were caught out by Saturday’s violence in the CBD, which saw just six officers try and control nearly 200 rioters until back up arrived.

The rival gangs of Sudanese and Islanders clashed in rolling brawls down Swanston St – targeting Federation Square and the City Square.

At one stage, diners and Moomba revellers had to flee – after the gangs turned on them –  with the outnumbered police, spraying capsicum foam to disperse the mob.

Deputy Commissioner Crisp admits his teams had to follow Channel Seven, which got the ‘heads up’ on social media there would be trouble.

‘In all honesty, it did surprise us,’ he said on 3AW Breakfast.

WATCH: Rioters abuse police at Federation Square (LANGUAGE WARNING)

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