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Police targeting Tullamarine speeders after 300 caught in a month

There’s a spate of speeding on the Tullamarine Freeway.

300 drivers have been caught speeding in the past month, 100 of whom lost their licence, as police enforce a roadworks speed limit of 80kph.

Police have launched Operation Step Back, which will increase patrols in the area.

Sergeant Dean Pickering said the operation is designed to encourage cars to do the right thing, not catch them doing the wrong thing.

‘We’re using as many of our marked cars are we can,’ he said.

‘We’re not hiding behind bushes or signs.

‘I know it sounds corny, but a successful day is if we catch nobody.’

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Earlier, 3AW Mornings producer Michael Hilder clocked 75% of drivers travelling about the limit.

Equipped with 3AW’s speed gun, Michael found 15 of the 20 cars he checked driving between 81 and 99kph.

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