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Police union slams decision to let thug who brutally bashed police woman walk free

Tony Jones

The Police Association has slammed the courts for allowing an ice-addicted thug to walk free on a community corrections order, after bashing a female police officer.

As reported in the Herald Sun, a 29-year-old Senior Constable has undergone reconstructive surgery and is unable to return to the force following the attack in April.

The officer was making an arrest in Glenroy when she was repeatedly hit in the face, the impact of the blows causing her teeth to puncture her lip.

Charges were dropped against Ahmed El Lababidi, 26, after it was argued there were exceptional circumstances in his case, due to mental illness.

Sergeant Wayne Gatt told Tony Jones his members are at a loss at the light sentencing being handed out by the courts.

“We just don’t get it Tony,” he said.

“We see this time and time again, we see mental illness used as an excuse.

“If we allow them to do this to us we’re effectively green lighting crime in Victoria.”

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Tony Jones too expressed his frustration at the sentence.

“Where is was mandatory six month sentence for assaulting an emergency worker?” He said.

“Where is the justice?”

“We’ve had enough of being treated like fools, I don’t care about their backgrounds, a lot of people have had tough upbringings.

“I don’t care, pack your suitcases, get out of here.”


Tony Jones