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Police urge Victorians to report people with illegal fireworks before Australia Day


Police are urging people to dob in those who may be planning to set off illegal fireworks on Australia Day. 

The call comes after two New Year deaths.

A 52-year-old died while lighting a large, old firework on the NSW Central Coast and a 46-year-old man died near a beach at Hollands Landing after one blew up in his face.

Police Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp says there’ll be more people with illegal fireworks in the lead-up to Australia Day.

‘We run some operations in Footscray area and Springvale to try and cut it off at the source.’

‘We’ll continue to run those sorts operations, but again, I’ll make the point if you know of people or if you’ve got illegal fireworks, hand them in or dob in someone whose got them.’ says DC Andrew Crisp.