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Political phone poll raises eyebrows

An interesting political phone poll potentially undermining the Liberal Party leadership and current member for Higgins is doing the rounds.

Liz Donnelly contacted Neil Mitchell after receiving the call last night.

“It started off with the normal national level questions about who is your preferred leader – Turnbull or Shorten – but then it asked who your preferred leader of the Liberal Party would be – Turnbull or Peter Costello,” she explained on 3AW Mornings.

“That got me interested.”

The call then got even more specific.

Liz said she was asked about the seat of Higgins and whether she’d change her vote if Mr Costello ran for the seat instead of current member Kelly O’Dwyer.

“There was a group of Liberal supporters arguing strongly against the superannuation changes, particularly in the seat of Higgins. I wonder if they’re up to something…”
– Neil Mitchell.

She replaced Mr Costello when he stood down in 2009 after almost 20 years in parliament.

“I just found it really interesting because Peter Costello hasn’t been in the news for so long,” Liz said.

“It came out of the blue.”

It’s unclear who is behind the poll.

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