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Poll defence: Hey political commentators, Ross Stevenson is onto you…

Ease up on the polls, says Ross Stevenson.

“They didn’t get it all that wrong.”

Instead, direct your wrath towards the political commentators who treated the federal election as a one-horse race.

Ross, who likes a punt, on Friday night said $1.12 was far too short for a two-horse race in which polls were as close as 51-49.

Factor in the 1.5 per cent margin of error and Bill Shorten’s significantly lower popularity, and Saturday’s result starts to make more sense.

“The people who got it wrong are all the analysts and commentators,” Ross said.

“If they don’t have a polling company to blame, people will be pointing the finger at them.

“People were ignoring the polls because it doesn’t fit the long established narrative.”

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