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Popular cartoon behind surge in families wanting this iconic Australian cattle dog

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A record-breaking Australian TV cartoon is believed to be behind a surge in families wanting to buy Blue Heeler puppies.

But if you’re planning on getting one, you better like running!

The show “Bluey” is reportedly the most downloaded program in the history of the ABC’s video-on-demand and catch-up services.

It’s led to an increase in families getting the dog.

“It used to be more tradies and young men that wanted a puppy, now it seems to have turned to young families,” Jean Purcell, the president of the Australian Cattle Dog Club of Victoria, told 3AW Breakfast.

But she had a word of warning for anybody thinking of getting one.

“If you leave one of these puppies in a backyard and go off to work for eight hours a day, then come home and say ‘hello puppy’ and go inside and cook tea – you’re not going to have a garden left,” Jean Purcell said.

“You’re going to have neighbours complaining that the dog is too noisy.

“If you stimulate their brain, they’re the best dogs in the world.

“If you leave it in the backyard as a garden ornament, you’re going to be pulling your hair out and the dog will end up in a pound.”

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