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Port Arthur massacre survivors share their incredible story with Neil Mitchell on 3AW

Two survivors of the Port Arthur massacre admit last year’s terror attacks in Paris brought back vivid and painful memories.

Gaye and John Fidler played dead on the floor while the Port Arthur gunman stood over them in the Broad Arrow cafe on that fateful day 20 years ago.

Three of their friends had just been killed.

Gaye and John joined Neil Mitchell on Thursday.

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They said they still had flashbacks and often thought about what happened, with modern-day massacres only making things harder.

‘When we hear of shootings and it’s quite regular now in the streets – mainly in America, of course – but that makes me think about our situation on our day,’ Mr Fidler revealed on 3AW Mornings.

‘Especially the Paris incident.

‘We saw on the news a lady running around a table and a gunman trying to get to her (but) his gun misfired and she survived.

‘I was with that lady on that day. I just felt everything she would have been feeling because that’s how we were in the caf? at Port Arthur.’

Gaye and John spoke at length about how the tragedy had impacted their lives and why Australia’s gun laws needed to be tightened further.