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Port Phillip Bay has an extra 400-500 tonne of fish for recreational fisherman

There is a plague of fish in Port Phillip Bay.

Since the government announced commercial net fishing in the bay would be banned by 2022, many of the 43 license holders have packed up.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell, Executive Director of Fisheries Victoria, Travis Dowling, said it’s already having an effect on the bay’s fish stocks.

‘Almost 80 per cent of the netters have gone…so there’s an extra 400-500 tonne of fish now available in the bay for recreational fisherman.’

‘Whiting and squid fishing in the bay is as good now as it has been in the last 40 years.’

Mr Dowling said some fishermen are taking more than they should, particularly squid.

‘You are allowed ten; unfortunately there have been a couple of incidents recently…a couple of blokes had one hundred in their boot the other day, another had 40’, he said.

Mr Dowling said there are penalties for exceeding recreational fishing possession limits.

‘There are really significant fines and there can also be jail terms for repeat offenders.’

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