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Port Phillip Council has extended an alcohol ban on the St Kilda foreshore


Port Phillip Council has extended an alcohol ban on the St Kilda foreshore.

The ban will now be in place until Easter.

Mayor Bernadene Voss said something needed to be done about recent trouble that’s been keeping people away from the area.

“We’ve heard very clearly from traders that, since the alcohol ban has been in place, safety has improved,” Cr Voss said.

But Neil Mitchell thinks it’s a concession that we can’t control “idiots”.

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Aaron Webb, Ban the Ban campaign organiser told Neil Mitchell poor planning led to the events on Christmas Day, which could have been avoided.

He said while he didn’t want broken glass at the beach, but the existing ban is not being enforced.

“I have a problem with kneejerk reaction in government and the erosion of civil liberties,” he said.

Superintendent Philip Green, the Divisional Commander for Port Phillip and Stonnington, told Neil Mitchell they want a permanent ban at St Kilda beach at all times.

“If someone wants to go drink near the bach, there are 800 licensed premises within the City of Phillip,” he said.

“If you can’t find somewhere to have a drink overlooking the water then you’re not looking hard enough.”

Photo: Justin McManus

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