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Pregnancy not to blame for long-term weight gain, study finds

New research has debunked the perception that pregnancy is a trigger for long-term weight gain in women.

As reported in today’s Age, a study by the University of Canberra sampled more than 8000 Aussie women over 16 years, which found the two factors which put women at the highest risk for weight gain are depression and not having a paid job.

Professor Deborah Davis, Professor of Midwifery at the University of Canberra and ACT Health, told Ross and John the results even surprised her.

“I really thought pregnancy was an important contributor to women’s weight gain in the long term,” Professor Davis said.

“There are a lot of metabolic changes in the body when women become pregnant, women often gain too much weight in pregnancy.

“It’s a good idea not to put on too much weight in your pregnancy because you’re going to have to lose it anyway.”

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