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Pregnancy warning labels to be mandatory on alcohol bottles

Warning labels on bottles of alcohol for pregnant women to warn them about the dangers of consuming alcohol will be made mandatory in Australia.

The announcement was made after a deal was struck by Australian and New Zealand ministers yesterday.

Terry Slevin, chief executive of the Public Health Association of Australia, said some bottles of alcohol did carry warnings, but it was inconsistent across the board.

“The current labels aren’t mandatory, providers don’t have to put the labels on,” he told Ross and John.

“This decision (is) essentially a requirement for all manufacturers to put the labels on the container.”

It’s reported the label will include a pictogram and statement.

Ross questioned when it would become mandatory.

Companies were encouraged to introduce warning labels back in 2011.

CEO of the Brewers Association of Australia, Brett Heffernan, said the industry has had six years to adopt the voluntary regime, and it was disappointing some had failed to do so.

“It’s hardly surprising governments feel they need to step in,” he told Neil Mitchell.