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Pregnant woman in shocking Hurstbridge line train fight

Warning: Vision may disturb some viewers

Graphic video footage has emerged of two women brawling on a train on the Hurstbridge line.

The fight, apparently sparked by a Facebook post that may or may not have existed, saw the pair punching, swearing, and pulling each other’s hair.

One of the women claimed during the video she was five months pregnant.

Passengers were seen fleeing the carriage as the fight, which started at Watsonia station, moved towards them.

The full video was eight minutes long, with swearing and fighting throughout.

At one point, which 3AW has chosen not to publish, the pregnant woman undoes her pants to check on her well-being.

One passenger, teenager Sarah, called Neil Mitchell to tell him it is was ‘the scariest thing I have I ever seen’.

Click play to hear from Sarah

Public Transport Users Association spokesperson Daniel Bowen said such horrific incidents aren’t common.

‘(What’s most concerning is that) the people involved obviously have no awareness or consideration for the people around them,’ he said.

Their behaviour shows lack of concern for anybody else.’