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Premier Daniel Andrews announces gay conversion therapy is to be outlawed

Premier Daniel Andrews has announced Gay conversion therapy will be banned under Victorian law, at an appearance at Midsumma Festival on the weekend.

But Neil Mitchell raised the point that the information given by the Premier’s office does not outline what gay conversion therapy actually is under this legislation, nor any evidence it is being practised in Victoria in 2019.

Neil asked Victorian director at the Australian Christian Lobby, Dan Flynn what this ban means for religious organisations.

“It’s hard to know, I don’t think Daniel Andrews is defining it, I think it’s very vague,” he said.

“To be clear, us and I’m sure any other mainstream church don’t support abuse, coercion, shock therapy, any of that nonsense, nobody supports that.

“I think what the threat here is to parental rights in relation to affirming a child’s biological sex.”

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“Personally I think even sitting in a room praying is pointless, if you’re gay you’re gay. If you’re transgender you’re transgender,” Neil said.

“But this (this announcement) doesn’t seem to be defined any way, just trotted out for the Midsumma Festival.”