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Premier Daniel Andrews announces tough new laws to target the drug ice

Drug dealers caught selling ice in or around Victorian schools could be jailed for up to 25 years, under new legislation. 

On 3AW Mornings with Neil Mitchell, Premier Daniel Andrews announced that tough new laws to target those who deal and traffic the drug ice will be introduced to state parliament today.

The Andrews government went to the election promising new laws to tackle ice use, which Mr Andrews described as an ‘evil poison’. 

Under the legislation, those caught trafficking the drug to a child near a school will face up to 25 years in prison.

Landlords who turn a blind eye to drug-making or clandestine labs in their properties will also face up to five years jailtime. 

‘It’s destroying lives and we need to make sure we send a message and have our police officers with the resources they need.’

Watch: Premier Andrews announces tough new drug laws live on air

In a wide-ranging interview, the Premier labelled a proposal to ban cars in the CBD for a 12-hour trial on a Sunday as a ‘ridiculous idea’. 

He also said he did not think it was necessary to ban young children from attending cage fighting bouts. 

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