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President Trump has attacked the media again, launching his own survey

US President Donald Trump has delivered one of the most bizarre press conferences on Thursday (US time). 

Going for almost 90 minutes, Trump launched a stinging attack on the mainstream media, saying it is ‘dishonest’ and ‘out of control.’

Trump then sent out an e-mail, launching the ‘Mainstream Media Accountability Survey’ – questioning how much people trust the news.

Neil Mitchell said it was disturbing.

‘I think it undermined the very credibility of the United States,’ the 3AW Mornings host said.

‘It was rambling.

‘It was (Fidel) Castro like.’

Neil Mitchell received an email from one senior former politician, who said the latest controversy must spark ‘strategic reassessments.’

‘That media conference was as scary as anything we have seen for many years,’ the former politician told Neil Mitchell.

Neil then put the Trump Survey to his listeners.

Click PLAY below to hear the Australian version of the ‘Trump Survey.’