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‘Pretty weak from the club’: Push polling at Crows could cost Pyke his job

There’s an internal wrestle at the Adelaide Crows with rumours of ‘push polling’ players  circulating.

An external review has named Jason Dunstall and Matthew Pavlitch as those who will be seen to swing the axe on any big senior changes at the Crows.

Tom Morris told Sportsday the two, along with others, will be in charge of assessing if the powers of Adelaide are the right people to take the club forward.

“I’m told very reliably, the exit review that players sit on their senior officials could cost Pyke his job,” said Morris.

“Push polling in politics is where questions are asked to illicit particular responses, apparently one of the questions asked to players is aimed at Don Pyke and could make it difficult for him to hold onto his job.”

AFL Great, Matthew Lloyd, said if the reports are true it’s “pretty weak from the club”.

“They can’t be framing the questions to get rid of Pyke, they need to be making the decision themselves.”

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