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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull reveals he donated $1.75 million to Liberal Party

After months of questioning, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has revealed he donated $1.75 million to cash-strapped Liberal Party during the 2016 federal election campaign. 

The admission came during a television interview last night after Mr Turnbull called for an overhaul of political donations during a speech to the National Press Club.

Shadow Defence Minister Richard Marles told Neil Mitchell it was a bad look.

‘I feel pretty uneasy about a donation of that kind and size,’ he said.

‘The question here is about how Australians judge the fact that our Prime Minister spent that amount of money of his own personal weath of the dying days a very close fought election.’

But Neil Mitchell questioned whether it was an issue.

‘I’ve got no problem with Malcolm Turnbull donating his own money to the Liberals for the election,’ he said. 

‘If it’s his money, it’s his right, provided it is declared.

‘He has been dodging this, perhaps he’s embarrassed by it, but he shouldn’t be.’

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