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Prime Minister recalls parliament, looks set for early election

The Prime Minister has made the call that many have been expecting.

Malcolm Turnbull has recalled Parliament and appears to be preparing for a double dissolution election.

Mr Turnbull asked the Governor-General to bring back both Houses on April 18, and the budget will be revealed a week early.

The sitting will deal with just one major piece of legislation, the reintroduction of the ABCC.

It’s unlikely that the legislation will pass the Senate, allowing the government to call a double dissolution.

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon told Neil Mitchell it was a ‘nimble’ manoeuvre on the PM’s part, and there’s a possibility it isn’t legal.

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Canberra correspondent Michael Pachi told Neil it’s not a formality that a double dissolution will be triggered.

Several Senators who blocked the ABCC legislation the first time stand to lose their seat in a double dissolution, so they may have ‘a change of heart’.

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