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Protest at the opera: 90-year-old disrupts opening night

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A night at the opera was disrupted after composer George Dreyfus began a protest in the audience.

The 90-year-old made his way to the middle of the front row with a megaphone prior to the opening night performance of ‘Rigoletto’.

His protest came to a halt after the lights went down and Mr Dreyfus could not get his megaphone working.

Opera singer and aficionado, Bridget Davies, was in the audience for the unusual performance.

“He’s shouting, we’re all very confused,” Davies told 3AW Breakfast.

“We had booing and cheering, people were trying to do a slow clap to try and get him off.”

Police were called, escorting the disgruntled composer from the Arts Centre.

Mr Dreyfus claims he has been victimised by Opera Australia after the company did not show his 1970 opera ‘The Gilt Edged Kid’.

“George has had a lot of issues with the opera company since then,” Ms Davies told Ross and Stephen Quartermain.

“It’s not the first time he’s done protests, but they’re normally outside the theatre.”

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