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Psychologist Sabina Read’s exam tips for VCE students on 3AW Afternoons

How you go at school doesn’t define who you are.

That’s the advice psychologist Sabina Read has for those beginning their year 12 exams.

More than 43,000 Victorian kids sat their English exam on Wednesday.

Sabina Read said this time of year was always an anxious one for families involved.

‘We have this idea that we have to do well in our VCE subjects so that we can go to uni, so we can get a job, have a life,’ she explained on 3AW Afternoons.

‘I literally hear students telling me this.

‘They are looking years and decades ahead, which puts an unrealistic set of pressure on this set of exams.’

But 3AW Afternoons’ resident psychologist had a simple message for students feeling the weight of pressure.

‘It doesn’t define who you are,’ she told Denis Walter.

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