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Pub of the Week: Metropolitan Hotel in Melbourne

PUB: Metropolitan Hotel

WHERE? 263 William St., Melbourne

PHONE: 9670 1385

SCORE: 13.5/20

WHEN? 22 April 2016



First time review.

Situated on William and Little Lonsdale corner, The Metropolitan is a long standing fixture on the CBD pub scene, and as far as I know, was one of the first pubs to introduce breakfast as part of its offer. (730am, weekdays, 9am Saturdays). Also, the Metropolitan was a trailblazer in an all-day food offer (slightly reduced in number during off peak) with pizza and smaller plates.

Two storeys, with street level as the engine room for business and upper level for functions, conferences, weddings. The long front bar, neat polished boards, kitchen slightly exposed at rear exudes good vibes and the crowd in on a Thursday night was plentiful (I didn’t think after work drinks on payday existed).

Modern, light, airy, the Metropolitan ticks over well. Table service adds another positive layer.


The menu is fairly typical of a good CBD pub so all the staples are listed. Dips, salads, pizza, steak, pork, fish, with all mains priced just above the $20 mark. (For some reason – competition I suspect – that publicans in the CBD don’t like going too far beyond that mark, unless it is a great steak/piece of fish). 

Express lunch with a drink changes regularly and costs $18. Mains include half a chicken, white bean cassoulet for $23, slow roasted pork belly, celeriac, apple puree, pickled cabbage salad $24.

Entrees $11, Mains $23. Burger w/bacon, tomato, gruyere, cos, pickles, jalape?o mayo, beer battered chips is $20.50


Porterhouse, (Great Southern) 300g. Salad/Chips/Pepper sauce. $31. Good. Cooked perfectly MR, the meat was full of taste. Presentation on wooden plate was clever. The salad, freshly made (tick) was let down by a heavy handed vinaigrette (cross) which was a pity. Chips good, Pepper sauce was OK.

Vanilla and Lemon pannacotta, ice-cream, with raspberry and chocolate soil (bits). $10.50. Good. Normally dessert a no for me, this was a fine treat to finish. Consistency of pannacotta was that great mix of firm and wobbly.


Good mix of commercial – Carlton is a must here according to the bar staff, with a some imports/craft. (Around 12 choices from the tap). Wine list bears a heavy resemblance to that of last week’s POTW, the Railway in Yarraville. As expected with CBD pubs, no spoil in pricing so most bottles are mid-$40s up.


Owner/operator pub. Staff busy and helpful. It’s the CBD. Table service, in spite of the large crowd was attentive. Good.


The pub has ticked over for years and in spite of a recent sale of the building, is expected to trade as is. Fairly typical of CBD pubs’ but a bit sharper around the edges.

The Metropolitan is typical of CBD pubs, but a bit sharper around the edges.

The Metropolitan is typical of CBD pubs, but a bit sharper around the edges.