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Pub Of The Week: Tony Leonard reviews the Quarry Hotel, East Brunswick

pub of the week
Article image for Pub Of The Week: Tony Leonard reviews the Quarry Hotel, East Brunswick

Quarry Hotel

8383 8034

Where? 101 Lygon Street, East Brunswick.

When? November 5, 2021.


The Quarry Hotel remains largely untouched, inside and out, giving off a welcoming vibe and without really doing anything more than offering a better level of hospitality, is an integral part of the pub scene in the inner North.

The fading, peeling facade, whose original colour is like the masked wrestler from parts unknown (thanks Jack Little) with a million stories to tell: inside a cavernous bar, neat and dominant,  is surrounded by wall seating, wooden tables and chairs, with a very 60s feel. A small TAB is discreetly tucked away.

It really works. And even more delightful is the Quarry’s willingness to trade 7 days a week, kicking off at Midday.  Most pubs in this and surrounding suburbs (Fitzroy/Collingwood)  don’t offer this. Absolute tick.

Nothing is too much trouble for staff.  Adherence to existing Covid protocols is done cheerfully and not with a slumping of shoulders or signs of irritable bowel syndrome.  Both staff and customers understand the rules.

And to top it off being on the corner of Weston and Lygon, the pub uses the footpath as an adjunct to the inside, making sure it’s all covered and warm as required.  Patrons have taken to this.

Food and drink is interesting with the right mix of pub old and new favorites.  Smaller brewers and winemakers are supported and it’s priced reasonably.  And the pub has a small bottle shop attached for a take home.

Years have passed since a visit; The Quarry can proudly wear the ‘Just a Real Good Pub’ badge.


Let’s start with the beer range.  A right mix of big boys – Heineken, Furphy, James Boag, with smaller independents like Panhead and Single Fin. While prices are shown starting off with a schooner, the pub is happy to offer pots.

(I have spoken before about this: Pubs champion responsible service so the minimum served should be a pot.  Anything more than this as a starter for a drink ain’t responsible IMO).

Furphy chosen – $6/pot – all good.

With choice in wine, $10/11/pg//$45/50/btle is on or slightly under the mean. Susuro Octopus Sangiovese ($11/50) was chosen and thoroughly enjoyed.

Entrees include Duck Spring Rolls w/Nam Jim dipper $15, Spicy Jalapeno Poppers (15), Weston (yep) Chicken Wings ranch sauce (15) all work well with beer. (Most do). Mains are plated well from an Eggplant parma, C@S, at @$22, Bangers and Mash, Caramelised onion gravy, vegetables $20, to a 300g Porterhouse, full at $32.  John Dory Fillets, C@S, tartare is $22.

The average prices are;

  • Entrees –  $12
  • Mains – $27
  • Dessert – $10

Tried was;

  • Popcorn Kitchen Bites w/quarry dipping sauce. $10.   Good spicy coating, dark hoisin like sauce, the bites arrive, various sizes, thick coating and number around 15 pieces.  They work.
  • Lamb Souvlaki, grilled pita, salad, lettuce, onion, tomato, tzatziki. $22.50. (This can be ordered Chicken or Haloumi). Plenty of lamb shoulder falling away with a touch of a knife, excellent support cast, my mind went back to the 80s to one of the Trailblazers of this late night fav – Ulysses in High St Northcote. Done well a beauty.
  • Burger, cheese, tomato,  pickle,  lettuce,  aioli,  $20  (This too has some options in Chicken, Haloumi or Chickpea and Lentil). Generous patty, great bun, hot chips, $20, all good.


My recollection of the last visit some 15 years ago was the use of a large food press that basically did everything, perched in the middle of the bar for toasted sangas, burgers etc. This offering has been ramped up and it’s easy to like.

The Quarry also had its notoriety some 40 years ago when unrest in the underworld saw seriously hard men do some serious awful things of which this pub was caught up in.   Have a read; older Melburnians will recall with clarity.

Like so much of the inner North, East Brunswick bears no resemblance to its forebears, but good to be reassured that pubs like the Quarry remain and are not New York style units.

May it stay that way. Good pub.

SCORE:  14/20

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