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Public servants take more sick leave than others, report finds

Workers in the public sector take more time off sick than their private sector counterparts, a new report has found. 

Absenteeism among public sector council, state and federal employees is roughly 30 per cent higher than private sector workers. 

 Paul Dundon, Managing Director of Direct Health Solutions, told 3AW Drive that had always been the case.

He said there existed ‘a strong entitlement culture’ and leave was often able to be accrued and saved. 

‘And the other driver is that the public sector really hasn’t picked up the right strategies to tackle the issue,’ he told Tom Elliott.

Mr Dundon said research showed that requiring staff to provide a medical certificate led to a significant drop in sick leave time. 

Overall, absenteeism levels have dropped to a seven-year low of 8.6 days a year for each worker.