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Puneet Puneet’s legal claim to avoid extradition appears ‘frivolous’ to barrister

Puneet Puneet’s latest attempt to avoid extradition to Australia due to a legal loophole is unlikely to succeed, according to one barrister.

Puneet, who fled to India after he admitted killing a man in a Southbank car crash in 2008, is claiming it would be illegal to bring him back to Melbourne due to changes to the extradition treaty between Australia and India.

But Dr Gideon Boas told 3AW Mornings that was unlikely to change things on a legal front.

‘It’s still an extraditable offence,’ he explained.

‘It strikes me as a frivolous argument and not one that would travel very far in the courts here ? unless there is some particularly to the law of India that operates quite differently to ours.’?

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