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Push for Victoria to copy South Australia’s 10c refund for plastic bottles

A bill will be put forward in the Victorian Parliament next week pushing for a container deposit scheme, similar to the one which has worked successfully in South Australia for 40 years.

Mark Fenton, managing director of Soda Stream, told Tom Elliott giving people a monetary incentive to recycle is the simplest and most effective way to get people to recycle.

“In the countries which do operate container deposit schemes they see recycling rates of 85 per cent and sometimes higher,” Mark said.

“We’ve got a great example already in South Australia which has been running a scheme for more than 40 years, their rates are up over 80 per cent.

“Victoria currently, 25 per cent, and there’s only one big difference between the two states.”

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“We’re going to have more plastic bottles in our ocean in 20 years than we have ocean fish,” he added.

“It’s a big problem and something that we can’t ignore.”