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Push for Victoria to provide vouchers for local travel as COVID-19 rules ease

Two Australian states and territories are subsiding state-based travel while their borders remain closed, and there is a push for Victoria to do the same when lockdown rules are eased.

Tasmania’s borders will remain closed until at least December, with the state government set to subsidise travel within the state to keep the tourism sector afloat.

The Northern Territory has already implemented a similar scheme, giving residents $200 vouchers to explore their own state, and it proved so successful that they’re doing it again.

CEO of Victoria Tourism Industry Council, Felicia Mariani, says Victoria should do the same.

“We think it’s a great idea,” she told Ross and Russel.

“Victorians aren’t going to be leaving … so the idea of interstate travel or domestic travel being a path to recovery for the tourism industry isn’t going to happen.

“Here in Victoria we’re really going to rely on Victorians to help kick start our economy.”

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