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Push to ban soft drinks at YMCA pools a ‘nanny state’ move, says Tom Elliott

A push to ban the sale of soft drinks at community swimming pools and sporting centres has been branded a ‘nanny state’ move by 3AW Drive host Tom Elliott.

The YMCA and Cancer Council are behind the campaign.

YMCA advocacy manager Stephen Bendle said they wanted to play a leading role in the fight against obesity.

And so far, it seems to be working.

‘We’ve found people are responding really well to healthier options,’ Mr Bendle explained on 3AW Drive.

‘We’re not saying people should or shouldn’t do anything.

‘What we’re doing is trying to make the environment that people live, work and play in much healthier.’

But Tom Elliott said it should be up to each person to decide what they do and do not drink.

‘I see what they’re trying to do ? but I still think it’s up to the individual or parent to choose,’ he said.

Click PLAY below to hear Tom Elliott’s chat with YMCA official.