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Push to double demerit points for those who speed in school zones

Victoria’s Road Safety Camera Commissioner has hit out a push from ‘overpaid bureaucrats’ at the RACV to lower fines for low-level speeding offences, but jack up demerit point penalties.

But Gordon Lewis says authorities could have the ‘blood of kids’ on their hands if they don’t look at doubling demerit points for offences in school zones.

Mr Lewis told Neil Mitchell he wasn’t a fan of the idea, saying it would unreasonably impact those who need a car or truck to make a living.

He did, however, endorse stricter penalties in school zones.

‘I’ve got grandchildren and have seen people drive through the school zones near our primary schools at almost double the allowable speed,’ Mr Lewis explained on 3AW Mornings.

‘Now, there’s no camera there.

‘But I think to myself ? do you want the blood of kids on your hands?

‘I’d suggest to Victoria Police ? it’s none of my business ? but I’d suggest they have a look at doubling the penalty points there.’

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