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Questions raised over council’s idea to lower speed zones to 20km/hr

The RACV has questioned an idea from Stonnington Council to lower speed limits in the municipality to 20km/hr as unrealistic.

The Leader reports the idea has been proposed in a draft strategy to help reduce the road toll.

But RACV’s manager of roads, David Jones, told Ross and John it’s not as simple as erecting a new speed sign.

“We know that drivers are heavily influenced by what they perceive as a risk and the appearance of the road,” he said.

“It’s better to change the look and feel of a road and physically restrict people’s speed if you desire much lower speeds.

Ross: Is it realistic?

Mr Jones: Probably not, if it’s just going to be just putting up speed zone signs on existing roads without doing some fundamental to change the way they look.

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The council is yet to reveal which side streets or residential roads would be impacted, if the recommendation is adopted.

Mayor Steve Stefanopolous told 3AW News the council wanted to hear from residents.

“The community can certainly let us know which roads they’d like to be lowered in speed limit,” he said.

“We’ve already had a number of residents in the last year or two let us know they would like the speed limit in their street reduced so it’s not an uncommon request throughout the city of Stonnington.”