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RACV calls for reduced speeding fines but increased demerit point penalty

Drivers caught speeding should pay less in fines but lose more demerit points, the state’s peak motoring body says. 

The RACV has put forward a radical proposal in a bid to reduce our road toll, which looks set to surpass last year’s figures. 

Of those already killed on Victorian roads this year, a third were linked to speeding. 

Road and traffic manager at the RACV, Dave Jones, said the proposal was about getting repeated dangerous drivers off the road. 

‘If you commit an occasional mistake then a high level fine is quite a serious impost on you,’ he told Ross and John. 

‘So let’s lower the size of the dollar amount of the fine, and increase the demerit points. And the serial offenders will quickly lose their license.’

Listen: RACV’s Dave Jones joins 3AW Breakfast