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RACV wants tolls reduced for private owners of commercial class vehicles

The RACV wants to see changes made by the State Government to allow those travelling in larger cars to pay the same tolls as drivers in regular sized vehicles.

Currently twin-cab 4WD utes as designated as commercial regardless of use.

RACV Manager of Vehicle Engineering Michael Case told Tom Elliott says families are increasingly buying these types of cars for private purposes.

“Three of the four top selling vehicles at the moment are these type of vehicles,” Mr Case said.

“The difference is about $9 to $14.50 a day.”

“So if you have a Toyota Hilux and that’s your family transport, just used for that, you travel down Citylink, the full length of the toll road, the toll is more than 50 per cent higher than if you’d had a family sedan doing the same job?” Tom asked.

“That’s right. It quickly adds up to a lot extra in tolls,” Mr Case said.

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“I heartily agreed with this,” Tom said.

“It does make sense doesn’t it.”