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Londoners no longer ‘ Keep Calm and Carry On’

Almost 24 hours after the London terror attacks which killed seven people and left 48 others injured, the van used as a deadly weapon has just been removed from London Bridge.

Ben Lewis, European correspondent for Channel 7 says raids have continued across the city.

“Quite a few properties have been raided in the outer east of London and in the Essex area,” Ben told Ross and John.

“It is understood at least one of those properties belongs to one of the three attackers.”

The consistent police message to ‘Run, Hide, Tell’  has somewhat changed the usual attitude of Londoners to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On.’

“Here there is that British stiff upper lip attitude of how Londoners won’t change.

“But when you are getting direct instructions from police popping up on your phone, it is going to change how people act here.”

Ben described the city as very inclusive and diverse, with the attackers seemingly those who have been marginalised.

“The Muslim community have been here for a very long time and are well integrated.”

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