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Rumour confirmed: Rare kangaroo twins found and saved

Image: Wildlife Rescuers

Dedicated wildlife rescuers are working around the clock to ensure there’s a happy ending to kangaroo death yesterday.

During the Rumour File, ‘A Roo Sight’ told Ross and John the volunteer rescuers was called out to reports of an injured kangaroo at Doreen yesterday.

Sadly the female roo had to euthanised on the spot.

But on closer inspection of the pouch, the rescuers found rare twin joeys.

Rescuer Krysti Severi told 3AW Breakfast the siblings are doing well.

“The next 48 hours are critical for them because we’re not mum,” she said.

“But we’re doing our very best to be mum, and they’re feeding every two hours.”

The joeys have been named Andy and Zack.

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