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Ratepayers outraged after Stonnington Council spends big on foreign aid

Residents within Stonnington Council have expressed their outrage at the local government’s decision to send almost $100,000 in ratepayer’s funds overseas.

It was revealed today Stonnington has spent $90,000 on foreign aid since 2004.

Dean Hurlston from Residents Voices Stonnington and Malvern East resident told Tom Elliott this is a federal government issue, not a local one.

“I talk to hundreds if not thousands of ratepayers and I can assure you that the majority of ratepayers are sick to death of a local government that doesn’t focus on local issues,” Dean said.

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Stonnington Council Cr Marcia Griffin told Tom she is “totally against” her council’s decision to send financial aid overseas, and hopes to reverse the decision now she’s on the council.

“I was elected at the last election, I had no idea that council would be sending money overseas,” Cr Griffin said.

“I find it quite offensive actually.”

“The Foreign Minister has a multi-billion dollar aid budget, we don’t need to be giving away ratepayers dough,” Tom said.

“It is totally inappropriate for a local council to do so.”