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Reaction: Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and political risk analyst respond to Kadir Kaya interview

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says ‘those who have all the facts available to them’ will have a reason for not allowing disenchanted Australian Kadir Kaya to leave the country.

Melbourne man Kaya told Neil Mitchell he hates Australia and wants to move to Turkey to fight against ISIS, but the government want give him a passport because he is on a watch list.

In response ot the interview, Mr Dutton wouldn’t comment on Mr Kaya’s case.

‘The authorities, police, those who have all the facts available to them, I think will make the decision that’s in the best interest of the country.

‘If (a) person departs our shores, is trained in the skill of bomb-making or terrorist activity otherwise, and that person comes back to our country, that person poses a much greater threat,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

He suggested slated new laws could make it easier to send disillusioned Australians away without needing to allow them back into teh country.

‘One of the things we’re going to do as a government is to introduce legislation that allows us to take away citizenship from dual-nationals.

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