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Real estate agents may be forced to disclose if a home has been a crime scene

Would you buy a haunted house?

The State Government is considering laws that would require real estate agents to tell prospective buyers if the home they are considering purchasing has previously been the scene of a murder or other serious crime.

Paul Osborne from Secret Agent Property told Tony Jones increasing transparency can only be a good thing.

‘It can impact the future resale value over time,’ Mr Osborne said.

‘Particularly different cultures – it’s something that can be very important to people from Asian backgrounds.’

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3AW listeners had some great stories of their own homes.

Bill said his in-laws live in the house that Chopper Read grew up in – and one time Uncle Chop Chop stopped by for tea.

Steven said his parents’ house was cheap because it used to belong to Ronald Ryan, the last man hanged in Victoria.

And David said he hears footsteps in the bungalow out the back of his house in which two people were murdered.

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