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‘Miraculous’: Groundbreaking cancer treatment saves The Dish actor’s life

Australian actor Tom Long has been told he’s cancer-free after taking part in a cancer trial in the United States.

Long, 50, was given three months to live at the beginning of 2019 when specialists at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre suggested The Dish and Seachange star should participate in the CAR T-cell therapy clinical trial in Seattle.

Dr Michael Dickinson, from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, described Long’s turnaround as “really amazing” and explained the groundbreaking treatment to Ross and John.

“The cells from the immune system are taken out of the body and reprogrammed to attack the cancer,” Dr Dickinson said.

“They’ve given back to the patient, they see their target, expand and kill the cancer.

“Anyone who’s followed Tom’ story knows he’s had a very rough time over many years, very bad myeloma.

“This remission really is miraculous.”

The centre is conducting trials in lymphoma and leukaemia and hoping to open trials on Long’s condition, multiple myeloma, by the end of the year.

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