Really good news: The new rules about how much coffee is OK


We know what you’re thinking.

***Here we go, another bulltish report into coffee…***

But this time it comes from a PROFESSOR.

The Director of Electrophysiology at The Alfred, Peter Kistler, no less.

And he has some really good news to share.

a) Coffee has no negative impact on heart regularity;

b) Coffee-drinkers actually have a “six to 13 per cent reduction in our most common heart rhythm disorder, atrial fibrillation”.

“There’s a common misconception and about 80 per cent of doctors globally will tell people with palpitations that they need to stop drinking coffee,” Professor Kistler told 3AW Breakfast.

So a sensible amount of coffee is good for heart rhythm.

But how much coffee is that?

“It looks like anywhere between two and six cups a day is beneficial to the rhythm of the heart.”

Be right back. Getting coffee.

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