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Rebecca Maddern ‘very impressive’ on The Footy Show, says Peter Ford

Rebecca Maddern made a ‘very impressive’ debut as the new co-host of The Footy Show, says showbiz guru Peter Ford.

But 3AW listeners appear slightly more divided on the matter.

The former Channel Seven journalist jumped into the chair for the first time last night.

It was enough to get Ford to watch the show from start to finish for the first time in years.

‘I thought it was a very impressive debut,’ he told Ross and John.

‘She gave the show fresh energy.

‘There was a new dynamic, yet they seem to have happily hung onto the old traits.

‘You didn’t feel like Sam (Newman) had been told to hold back or behave.’

Speaking of Sam…

‘How much of the show does Sam Newman have to carry these days!?’ Ford said.

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