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Recipe: Nitro Muddled Mint Julep

3AW Afternoons

Nitro Muddled Mint Julep

60 ml Nitro Mint Infused Bourbon (See below)
10 ml Cherry Heering
10 ml sugar syrup
20 ml distilled water

Combine all ingredients into a 100 ml Glass bottle.

Cap and store within a freezer.

Serve over crushed ice and mint sprig garnish

Nitro Mint Infused Bourbon

700 ml bottle Buffalo Trace Bourbon
1 large handful fresh mint leaves
100 ml Liquid Nitrogen

Place all mint into a steel mixing bowl and pour over liquid nitrogen evenly.

Begin to muddle/smash the mint until it becomes a fine powder.

Pour bourbon into bowl and leave overnight.

Strain off the following day.

Daniel Green, head bartender at Waterslide bar will join Denis Walter on 3AW Afternoons.

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