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Red-light-style cameras to catch culprits texting + driving

World first red-light-style camera technology could soon be rolled out across the state to catch drivers illegally texting and using social media on Victorian roads.

As reported in The Herald Sun, the technology, touted as a world first, has already been tested with more than 270 culprits detected during a five-hour test across just one lane of the Eastern Freeway.

Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer told Neil Mitchell people have died on Victorian roads this year as the result of mobile phone usage.

“We do have got a real problem here, we can’t police our way out of this, we need to have a change of behaviour,” he said.

“We know already this year definitely that we have had deaths as a result of mobile phone usage.”

But Mr Fryer said there is some legislative challenges that need to be overcome before the technology can be used.

“It’s complicated, it’s not just setting a tripod up on Hoddle Street,” he said.

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The current penalty is a $476 fine and four demerit points.